Blueline Brands


The Blueline brand has continued to grow it’s reputation and range over the last 5 years. With it’s offering of footwear models to meet all purposes, Blueline now includes Tactical trousers, torches, bags and up to handcuffs and holster accessories. All the essentials to meet your needs!


FixnZip® replaces damaged or missing zipper sliders. Repairs broken zippers that separate or come undone. Fits a range of zipper sizes. Works on nylon coils as well as plastic and metal teeth. Can be used on both opened and closed end zippers.

Gear Keeper

First engineered for SCUBA diving, the Gear Keeper is a rugged, retractable gear attachment system, designed to utilise and protect gear in severe environments with Maximum break strength and durability.


If language is problem this translator allows the person being interviewed to simply point to the card to identify their nationality what type of crime has occured and give a description of the suspect.

Niton Basics

Niton Basics is a range of top quality products at low prices. These are essential kit items, great for when you need a lot of kit for a little money!

Niton Equipment

Niton Equipment have been manufacturing quality equipment for over 25 years, including their own range of radio pouches and radio accessories.

Niton Tactical

Niton Tactical specialises in security and police uniform and specialist equipment designed specifically for the needs of UK law enforcement officers. Whether you need tactical vests or combat trousers, you will find what you need in the Niton Tactical range.

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